Tokenizing Access to the Nickel Industry

Partner with us to participate in the development of sustainable nickel-based technologies through our global community.

Welcome to Nikel Technology

Nikel Technology is a decentralised community of token holders dedicated to the sourcing, development and utilisation of sustainable nickel and nickel-based products.

Nickel as commodity

Nickel is one of the most essential commodities of the modern age. A key component of most electronics and technologies including electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and more, demand is set to soar in the coming years. Vale predicts a 44% increase in global nickel demand by 2030 as the energy transition takes place.

How to participate

By connecting commodity-based tokens to the eco-friendly Cardano blockchain, we are creating opportunities for individuals to participate in this market growth in a way that is sustainable, fair and stable. We have taken a democratic approach to partnering through decentralised community voting, whereby every token holder in our community casts a vote on which projects, products, companies and industries they believe are worth investing in.


A greener, sustainable approach to the nickel trade

Nickel is at the heart of a sustainable future. From electric vehicles to renewable energy, there is no future technology without nickel. Nickel is primarily mined in Indonesia, Russia and the Philippines, but the mining process is notoriously unsustainable, giving off plumes of toxic SO2 and CO2. The mission of NewTek and its wholly-owned subsidiary Nikel Technology Singapore Ltd is to nourish and fund greener, alternative methods of nickel mining and refining.