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Nikel tech aims to increase attraction to nickel as a commodity and provide the token holders with the opportunity to participate in development of nickel-based technologies.

Join us in taking the first steps towards shaping a company that will have a direct influence regarding how commodities will be mined, refined, produced and utilized.

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An increase in demand and a shortage of supply makes Nickel an attractive commodity.

At Nikel Technology, we will focus on acquiring and funding activities that are both indirectly and directly related to the production of Nikel. By creating a community, we aim to ensure interests, opinions and ideas  in a fast, safe and green way to attract more attention to use of nickel and nickel-based technologies.

“I’d just like to re-emphasize any mining companies out there, wherever you are in the world, please mine more Nickel...

Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine Nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.”

- Elon Musk

The Properties of Nickel

As the world moves to a lower-carbon future, demand for clean energy manufacturing is ever-increasing. This clean energy transition will be significantly mineral intensive and therefore nickel intensive.

Nickel has a range of unique properties that makes it an essential component of future electronics and future-oriented businesses.

Heat resistant

Nickel can withstand a broad range of temperatures (up to ±1400°C)


It is extremely thermodynamically stable in the air.

Water resistant

It’s non-reactive in water and dissolves very slowly in acids.

Low reactivity

A low reactivity and oxidation rate makes Nickel an excellent replacement for metals and alloys.


When Nickel is exposed to the air, it forms a tough outer layer of chromium oxide which increases its durability.


The high metal stability of Nickel results in a low manufacturing cost. 

Industry Use Cases

Nickel is a key base metal for building sustainable societies. Its multiple physical and chemical properties make it essential in thousands of products.

The key Industry Use Cases are:

Electric Vehicles

The emergence of electric vehicles is set to revolutionize the world of transportation and the market is growing rapidly.

The sales of electric vehicles jumped from 450,000 in 2015 to 2.1M in 2020 and is forecast to increase to 54M by 2040.

Tesla is working to increase this penetration at a faster rate by producing more energy efficient models. As a metal with a high energy density, Tesla’s new battery technology is enabled by Nickel.

AI Development

83% of companies say that AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today. All electronic-based AI will depend on a stable flow of Nickel as the main heating element and resistor.

If the heat-resistance property of an existing nickel alloy gets implemented, the fuel efficiency of an aircraft or of a thermal power generation plant can be improved and CO2 emissions can be reduced.

With the help of AI the potential is there for superior nickel alloys to be launched faster, with accompanying environmental benefits for the society.

Sustainable and Clean Energy

Nickel is a key component of most major sustainability products and industries, including: batteries, wind turbines, solar cells, bioplants, carbon capturing and storage of nuclear power, to name a few. It is an essential metal in the fight against climate change.

Most hydro-electric power systems have dams that feed turbines to generate the electricity. Nickel is used in these systems for some key components and according to the IEA the capacity is expected to grow 70 % by 2040, mostly in the Asia Pacific region.


Driven forward by research, nickel-based alloys are increasingly used in aerospace engineering.

These Nickel alloys are selected based on their ability to resist extremely high temperatures, corrosion and constant wear as well as for their magnetic properties.

Without the use of these versatile metals, aircrafts would have trouble finding a replacement alloy to provide them with the same features that are essential for the high level of efficiency and reliability that are enjoyed today.

The Nikel Technology Company

NewTek Holding Limited has established a unique token called “NIKEL” issued by its new wholly owned subsidiary The Nikel Technology Company Limited.

Nickel Technology Company will focus on mining, research and development and product manufacturing by partnering with companies in this area. However, it will also create a global community who will be able to decide where and how, and with whom the company will engage whilst ensuring a cleaner and better way to produce nickel, and develop products based around nickel.


We will acquire Nickel mines around the globe to ensure that there is fair and sustainable extraction of this commodity.


We will engage with like-minded start-ups that use Nikel as a core component for their products and services to increase accessibility to this commodity.


We will partner with Nikel research institutions to develop new products based on Nickel.

Involvement in Nikel Technology

Nickel will play an essential role in future technology markets, and we want to position the Nikel Technology Company in the centre of the hurricane:

To follow our plan of strategic investments our Token holders will participate in this shared vision of a safe and sustainable economy for future generations.

By cutting the middle man out, we give power back to our community and allow for a transparent way to utilize this essential commodity.


To ensure deep analysis and due diligence processes of companies and projects that will be supported and financed by the Nikel Technology company, we have partnered with the regulated investment management company Stratez Capital.

Easy To Trade

The Nikel token is instantly transferable across the globe, which makes trading easier and quicker than ever. We will be listing across various exchanges, where our token can be traded against FIAT currencies as well as cryptocurrencies.

Vision and Guiding Principles

The Nikel community will create the vision and guiding principles of how the company will conduct its business and also decide with whom. This will ensure that funds are spent within the principles of the community.

How to get involved

The public sale will start on December 01st, 2022.

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Our Team

Safi Qurashi
Safi Qurashi
CEO & Founder
Vik Pillai
Vik Pillai
CFO & Founder
Daniel Hounsell
Daniel Hounsell
Investment Officer
Alyssa S. Francis
Alyssa S. Francis
Customer Relations
Abel Foo
Abel Foo
Investor Relations
Ari Letchman
Ari Letchman
Investor Relations

Board of Advisors

Rajpal Rekhi
Rajpal Rekhi
Jaasir Ali
Jaasir Ali
Farha Musa
Farha Musa
Patrick Tobler
Patrick Tobler
Sameer Marria
Sameer Marria
David Knott
David Knott
Business Strategy


Nikel Technology Company is combining a traditional involvement strategy whilst deploying state of the art technology solutions to enable a safe, secure and transparent opportunity for investment into commodities.

Its partnership with Stratez capital brings together a seasoned investment team with asset management, fund management and commodity trading expertise to enable a structured involvement into Nickel.

With NMKR and the Cardano blockchain, the company is able to offer a secure and transparent way to invest, reducing its dependency on costly intermediaries and drawn out administration costs.


What is the Policy ID of the Nikel Token?

The policy ID will be announced 24 hours before the public sale.

What is the status of the private sale?

The private round is sold out.

Where does the public sale take place?

The public sale will take place on our website.

Where will the Nikel Token be tradeable?

The Nikel token will be tradeable on several exchanges.

How can I create a Cardano Wallet?

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