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[NewTek Ltd] is a community-driven company that connects the nickel industry to the world of decentralisation via the Cardano blockchain.

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In partnership with our Singapore-regulated operating company, Nikel Technology Singapore Ltd (NTS), we are building a global community of partners and creating opportunities for individuals wishing to participate in the forecasted market growth of nickel as a commodity.

We focus on


Traditional methods of nickel mining and refining are energy-intensive and unsustainable, resulting in some of the highest CO2 and SO2 emissions of all mined metals. Through funds raised through our community, we aim to acquire nickel mines all around the globe to ensure fair and sustainable extraction of this commodity.


We will partner with various research bodies across the globe dedicated to the utilisation of sustainable nickel – from universities to companies to individuals.


Funding is the cornerstone of any meaningful research and development department. We will engage with various companies and technologies that use nickel as a core component for their products with the aim of increasing accessibility to nickel. This could be large-scale technologies such as electric vehicles, or household goods such as nickel-based Covid-19 air purifiers.